FREE Download From Our Scripture Songs CD: O Magnify the Lord

Our Scripture Songs CD, “Lead Me to the Rock” was what I consider a miraculous composition between the Lord and me. A friend suggested the idea and I had already been racking my brain to think of a way to help my children memorize Scripture.

When I sat down to my piano, opened the Bible and prayed, the songs flowed out. Our CD keeps closely to the KJV (because I love the poetic verse for memorization) and there is only an occasional strict paraphrase to keep the songs rhythmic and rhyming.

To give you an idea of the songs on the CD, I’m giving away one of the songs as a single download. I’d love to hear how you like it!

Just click “add to cart”  to get your FREE download of the Scripture song “O Magnify the Lord”, from the CD “By Heart:  Lead Me to the Rock”.

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Our By Heart Scripture Songs CD features 10 songs, 9 of which are passages of Scripture put to beautiful, easy-to-sing music to help your family memorize the Word of God and enjoy hiding it in your hearts throughout the day.  The last song is a song I wrote about the need to trust God no matter what circumstances you find yourself in–a song I think will be of tremendous encouragement to you!

You can buy the full CD as a download, or as a tangible CD.  Click HERE for more information, to hear clips, or to purchase the entire CD–but only after you’ve downloaded your song for free!

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  1. KD says:

    I just downloaded the song and I love it! Is this you singing, Kelly? Whoever it is, has a lovely voice.

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